We believe that by making better choices throughout our design, production and delivery processes, it can mean that we'll tread a little lighter on our planet.

Natural FIBRES Mother Nature knows what's best, and by only using natural fibres in our sheets, it means that the manufacturing processes involved are better for the environment all round. Our cotton plants are picked each season and can continue growing, while our linen plants are uprooted each season, meaning the whole plant is used which leaves absolutely no waste.

 Farmed, not manufactured As our sheets are made from natural fibres, it means they are farmed and not manufactured. Farming has a positive impact on the environment compared to using synthetic fabrics which are manufactured. Our flax Linen farms in Europe have actually been found to have a positive impact on eco-system diversity by retaining CO2.

BIODEGRADABLE Another great reason to use natural fibres is that should the time come, our sheets are bio-degradable. We know, it will be hard to let go. Our packaging is also plastic-free and 100% recyclable.